Princess Rayna Rescues Leo: The Adventures of Princess Rayna

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ISBN: 9781457541254
50 pages

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“Be careful!” Her parents’ words ring in her ears as Princess Rayna decides to explore what lies behind the walls of a remote castle she has just discovered. Is that a witch she sees riding away and what is she doing there? Is someone in trouble? As she sets off towards the castle on her horse Snowy she thinks: it’s a good thing she has her magic ruby on her…


About Elissa Briskin Greenberg

Elissa Briskin Greenberg began the story of Princess Rayna years ago when she suggested her daughter write about a heroine rather than a hero for a school assignment. She wanted young girls to realize their potential to do anything they want. Girls can be just as independent, resourceful and intelligent as boys. With a touch of magic they can be even more so.



Princess Rayna waved to her parents as she rode out of the castle on her favorite horse, Snowy.

“Bye, see you later,” she said.

“Be careful!” said both of her parents in unison. King Laurence and Queen Hinda knew their daughter would find some type of trouble on her ride. She always did and, even though she didn’t know, it would happen again today.


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